Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Doctors who call patients hypochondriacs are committing malpractice


"In short: physical complaints are never to be dismissed, no matter what their cause"

* * *

I believe it was Dr. Starlanyl who said "if all tests are normal, it just means the correct test hasn't been done yet."

Dr. Bell notes that fully half of those initially told "it's all in your head" are eventually diagnosed with a very real disease with symptoms compatible with what they originally reported.

Next time someone calls you a hypochondriac, help yourself to those two arguments.  I was told for years that there was no proof, no proof, no proof ... until I tried to enroll in a clinical trial.  As part of the qualification process, they did a C-Reactive Protein test, which was so "off the charts" that they were convinced it had to be lab error, so I went back to have more blood drawn.  That result was even higher.  For some reason, no one had ever done that test on me before, yet when it was finally done, the result was 10x normal ... on a day when I actually felt up to taking multiple buses to get to the testing site.  How high would the numbers have been at the point that I was too sick to even get out of bed?!

I was out of the clinical trial as a result of that test, but I finally had indisputable, un-fakeable proof that there is something very wrong in my body that has nothing to do with my mind.




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