Sunday, September 8, 2013

Problems of the Sick and Disabled


"The other problem is home health care givers who steal from the elderly ... money, checks, pills. It's sad the way our elderly are not taken care of."  -- Gail Anderson


I've heard from many patients that after they've spent money they can ill-afford hiring someone to do chores they can't manage themselves, they often find things missing.  If the hired person asks to use the bathroom, they may rummage through the medicine cabinet and take some of your pills; you think they're safe if they're out of sight, but they're not.


If the hired person has reason to go into the bedroom (such as needing to walk through the bedroom to get to the bathroom), they may take a moment to rummage through drawers -- bedside tables are often where pills, checkbooks, and guns are kept, and dresser drawers will often yield jewelry or other valuables.


It's best, before letting anyone into your home, to put all your pills (except the ones you're going to take that day, which should be in a container in your pocket), cash, checkbook, credit cards, jewelry, etc., in a locked box, and either keep that box in your sight all day, or put it in a place that's not likely to attract attention (ladies, that old feminine protection box is a good hiding place!)

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