Tuesday, August 27, 2013

To the Author of the Anonymous Note Left on My Car Window

96% of disabilities are invisible.  Just because the person doesn't use a mobility assistive device doesn't mean they're not disabled. 
I have problems with my shoulders/arms/wrists/hands.  If I use crutches, walker or a cane, that causes MORE problems with my upper extremities.  I made the considered decision to NOT use a mobility assistive device in order to preserve my ability to use my hands.  Thanks, but I'd rather be able to wipe my own butt at the end of the day, even if this makes walking somewhat more problematic.
The fact that I'm managing WITHOUT a cane means even more reason why I should not be criticized when I get out of a car parked in a handicap space.



Ignorant people will always exist. They are actually quite lucky that they do not have to understand my "invisible-to-them" tumors and heart problems.

Don't ever defend yourself for anything that needn't be defended.

I always think to myself what would I say in response. It would go something like this: "You go try to obtain a parking placard from your doctor/State, and let me know how that goes for you...."

It is freakin' hard to become eligible for a parking placard, and have a doctor support you throughout the paper-burdened process.

Be (as) well (as possible).

CFS Facts said...

My guide through the Wonderful World of Disability taught me not to get defensive, but to educate. She always has a box of brochures about her condition in the car to hand to anyone who says "you're not disabled!"

CFS Facts said...

People who have NOT had to deal with the system are always convinced that it's a piece of cake to get Disability or a crip card or whatever.

When I first became disabled, there were people who were convinced that all I had to do was get my doctor to sign a letter and I'd get free housecleaning, and therefore obviously my doctor thought I could clean. Not quite the way it works -- to get IHSS, you have to be getting SSDI. Took me 11 years to get SSDI. And, by the way, every friend who has had IHSS has had to pay a little something -- it's not entirely free.