Thursday, June 13, 2013

To Those Newly Diagnosed With ME/CFS: Four Things I Learned the Hard Way

"noting the need for pacing isn't uncommon advice – but the problem is that it needs to get to the newly diagnosed quickly. People who develop ME/CFS don't instinctively know that it's absolutely imperative that they stay within their energy envelope. Why should they? It's not something they've ever needed to do. Plus, it takes time to learn and to shift from that everything-is-normal state to the I-understand-my-limitations state."
* * *
This would be THE #1 thing I'd ask doctors to tell a patient. 
Too many of them are still passing along the ill-begotten advice to "exercise your way back to health", which does more harm than good.  I definitely made myself worse by giving in to the outside pressure of what other people thought I "should" be doing.

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