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Don't believe your doctors

DHEA Levels & Fibromyalgia

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Don't Believe Them When They Say ...
"All your labs are normal"

If you are like the majority of my patients, your doctor periodically runs blood work and then reports all your results are normal. Accepting this report from your doctor can be disastrous. Why you ask? Doctors will often shrug off slightly positive blood work-if normal calcium is 10.4 and yours is 10.5, they'll often tell you your labs are normal. This is especially true for some lab values that have large high and low parameters- normal for DHEA is 35ng/dl-450ng/dl. That is a big window.

Well guess what, research and clinical experience clearly show that women do best at 300-350ng/dl, and men do best at 350-450ng/dl. If your DHEA is a paltry 45 they'll tell you it is fine don't worry.

Meanwhile because it is low normal you'll most likely suffer with reduce stress coping abilities, low sex drive, anxiety, lowered mental clarity, depression, poor immune function, and poor sleep among other symptoms. DHEA is your master stress coping hormone.

Fibro Stress

An elevated calcium level, something I routinely see ignored, can be a sign of hyperparathyroidism - main cause is a benign tumor in one of the parathyroid lobes. Increased calcium causes increased risk of heart attack and stroke as excess calcium deposits clog up arteries. Kidney failure is another potential danger of elevated calcium levels due to hyperparathyroidism.

Poor sleep, achy muscles, high blood pressure, and fatigue are just a few symptoms associated with hyperparathyroidism.

Anytime blood calcium is elevated or even high normal, above 10.0 in adults, a parathyroid tumor should be suspected and further blood work should be ordered. This is just "good doctoring" doing the needed detective work, following up, ordering tests, looking for and exploring any clues.

Working with lazy doctors or doctors who follow the herd mentality can be dangerous, at the least, frustrating and unproductive.

If you're tired of dealing with doctors who don't understand fibromyalgia or doctors who can't help you, one drug after the other, why not try something new. I've helped thousands feel good again are you next?

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What your doctor won't tell you:

They won't tell you about potentially dangerous drugs, adrenal fatigue, elevated calcium levels and what this may mean, low ferritin levels and what it means, thyroid antibodies, DHEA, and more, more much.

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