Thursday, February 14, 2013

CFS and Polio Vaccine

SV40 has nothing to do with CFS. Oral polio vaccination likely did, clearing the way for non-polio enteroviruses to enter the gut and the brain. That's what's happening in India right now. I read most disturbing article published in the Indian Journal Of Medical Ethics Oct-Dec 2012: Polio Programme: Let Us Declare Victory And Move On by Neetu Vashisht and Jacob Puliyel. ( )
The authors present data from the Indian National Polio Surveillance Program (which is collected for the sole purpose of ruling out polioviruses as the cause of paralysis) showing correlations -- over time from 1999 to 2010 and across states in a given year -- between the number of OPV doses administered and an increase in non-polio enterovirus-caused acute flaccid paralysis (AFP). ( )

• In 2011, in children 15 years-old or less, there were 47,500 cases of AFP occurring primarily in the "over-vaccinated" states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, where children have been administered a increasing number of OPV doses, from "approximately" 4 per year in 1999 to as many as 10 doses per year in 2010.

• In 2012, there were 61,000 AFP cases, with 59% of cases occurring in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. ( ) Tested stool samples found OPV poliovirus in 2,635 cases(4%) and non-polio enteroviruses (Coxsackie, echoviruses) in 12,152 (20%). The remaining 44,547 (75%) were listed as "non-typed."

However, a more technically sophisticated study of 47,000 North India AFP cases from 2004-2007 found that of "non-typed" viruses in AFP cases, 67% were non-polio enteroviruses. The remaining 33% remained non-typed, but EV-86 and HEV-97 were identified. ( )

The data suggests two significant problems with the polio "eradication" program in India:

1) OPV-induced antibodies in the gut are making room for the growth of non-polio enteroviruses that not only are know to cause paralysis but also can cause four times the number of deaths as do the wild polioviruses;

2) OPV is mutating and causing 2,300 cases of polio per year. How can India be proclaimed "polio-free" when the vaccine itself is causing polio?

Bill Gates and the WHO are eliminating wild poliovirus infections overseas, which is exactly the CDC's plan to protect the US ("Fight polio there so we don't have to fight it here"). But, in doing so, they are condemning India and subtropical countries with poor sanitation to epidemics of AFP caused 1) by mutated oral polio vaccine strains and 2) by dozens of enteroviruses (for which there are no vaccines) that cause the same brain and spinal cord damage as the polioviruses but are more deadly. India's polio cases are being replaced by increasing numbers of cases of AFP and vaccine-induced polio.


for the relationship between non-polio enteroviruses and CFS.

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SV40 Foundation:

"SV40 stands for Simian Virus 40....In 1961, SV40 was discovered by Dr. Bernice Eddy of the National Institute of Health, Division of Biologics when she took the material used to grow polio vaccines and injected it into hamsters. Tumors grew in the hamsters. Her discovery was subsequently validated by Drs. Maurice Hilliman and Benjamin Sweet of Merck.

Upon the discovery that SV40 was an animal carcinogen that had found its way into the polio vaccines, a new federal law was passed in 1961 that required that no vaccines contain this virus. However, this law did not require that SV40 contaminated vaccines be thrown away or that the contaminated seed material (used to make all polio vaccines for the next four decades) be discarded. As a result, known SV40 contaminated vaccines were injected into children up until 1963. In addition, it has been alleged that there have been SV40-contaminated batches of oral polio vaccine administered to some children until the end of the 1990's...."


Interview: Merck Scientist Admits Presence of Tumor-Causing SV40 in Vaccines

"Dr. Maurice Hilleman, a prominent Merck scientist, made a recording in which he unveils the presence of SV40 and other live viruses in popular vaccines. Hilleman even laughs along with his colleagues at the fact that due to the vaccines first being tested on Russians, the Russian olympic team will be ”loaded down with tumors.” Laughing can be heard in the background as his colleagues snicker over the presence of cancer-causing viruses in the vaccines you and your family may currently be receiving...."

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