Friday, January 18, 2013

Rituximab receives $100,000 seed money for clinical trial

Per the OMI newsletter

Note: Like Ampligen, Rituximab may not be effective for all patients
subsumed under the CFS and ME umbrellas. Determining biomarkers for
responders would help subgroup these patients in order to strengthen the

Rituximab Clinical Trial Effort Receives First $100,000 towards New
Potential ME/CFS Treatment

We are thrilled to announce that the Open Medicine Foundation (OMF) has
received its first donation towards a comprehensive scientific strategy to
attack ME/CFS. A very generous patient from the Open Medicine Clinic has
donated $100,000 to initiate the proposed large-scale, international,
multi-center Clinical Trial with rituximab for ME/CFS. His optimism is
helping launch the fund raising for this clinical trial so that people
around the world can realize the potential benefit from this and other
potential therapies.

This donation leads the way for others to donate ($50 or $100 or whatever
they can) to help jump start research to help find needed diagnostic tools
and treatments for this debilitating, devastating, life-altering disease.

With $50-$100 from 100,000 patients, friends, family and foundations
towards the $7.65 million initial goal for this trial, then this study can
begin immediately. With 200,000 such gifts we could start a comprehensive
list of projects with direct diagnostic or treatment effects!

Donors have already pledged over $1.7 million towards various OMI-MERIT

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