Friday, January 25, 2013

10th anniversary California Disability Capitol Action Day -- May 22, 2013

If you want to get involved, contact [email protected]
This is the largest cross-disability event nationwide, with over 2000 people attending last year.  Let's get all our CFS/fibro support groups and national associations in the loop, and see how many more we can add this year!
You can lobby the legislators if you like, but it's a unity day rather than a policy day, with a Resource Fair, displays and exhibits.
The most important goal is to bring the disabled community together.  If we're all sitting on the front lawn of the State Capitol in our matching T-shirts, the legislators will see us as a huge group, rather than a few from this disease, a few from that condition.  We're a big voting bloc and we need to let them know!
At this time, we need a theme/slogan and ideas for displays and exhibits.  If you have any ideas, e-mail them to [email protected]
You can also contact Ted if you want to be added to the mailing list and/or be notified of meetings.  You don't have to live in Sacramento to "attend" the DCAD meetings -- there were a dozen people all around the state who were on conference call.  Ted runs a tight ship, when he says the meeting will be one hour, he means one hour.
This event is open to all disabilities, so if you have friends who are in other support groups, pass the word, and ask them to pass the word to their national organizations, too.
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