Thursday, November 8, 2012

As you can tell.....

I've been having a "bed day" -- this time without brain fog -- and catching up on my reading, having gotten well behind on it due to real life getting in the way for a while. 
The good news is, I am now able to have a bit of a "real life" and not spend all day every day in bed with nothing better to do than read and post CFS articles!
This means that some items that I might have posted, had I read them at the time I received them, have become outdated or superseded (e.g., XMRV has now been declared, even by Dr. Judy, to be a red herring, so that information is no longer essential to CFS patients).  So, instead of a hundred or more postings, there are only a couple of dozen for you to read.
One thing that I noticed helped a lot was that a friend moved to the mountains and invited me to visit for a few weeks -- above the pollution that is a constant factor in the valley where I live.  That I detoxed the pollution-related crud while there was obvious: near the end of my visit, my friend said "you don't smell nearly as bad as you did" -- when I'm detoxing, the nasties coming out of my system reek to high heaven.  Despite the lower oxygen level at that altitude, I was actually able to do things without the repercussions I get at home near sea level, which tells me the pollution I've been breathing daily for 20+ years is part of the problem.
The cold weather on the mountain isn't good for my arthritis and fibro, but the experience has convinced me that I need to investigate moving somewhere that the pollution blows out to sea.  That won't make me 100%, but apparently it does help a lot.  And anything that helps enough that I can work a few more hours every week justifies the financial cost (e.g., the first year that I had my Sleep Number bed, I was able to work enough additional hours to pay off the bed entirely).
I'd discovered last winter that setting the thermostat a few degrees above where I normally keep it also had a good effect on my health, and decided the extra few dollars a month was worth it for the improved functioning.  I was up and dressed at least a portion of most days, rather than spending most of the winter horizontal.

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