Friday, June 3, 2011

Open letter to Science Magazine

It deeply concerns me that editors at such a prestigious scientific
journal would call into question the October 2009 Lombardi paper
after the authors were asked to jump through numerous hoops to
provide authenticity of the infectious nature of XMRV in human blood.
As a CFS patient, I have followed the science for years. It was a
surprise to me that scientists found XMRV associated with CFS
patients. However, it was no surprise that scientists once again
found a retroviral agent in CFS patients given the severity of
neuroimmune issues patients have and the fact that the most severe
patients appeared to doctors as non-HIV AIDS patients in the late
80s/early 90s. Science requested prior to publication that CFS be
removed from the paper entirely. Whoever made this request was well
aware of the politics surrounding CFS research and that Science would
have to stand behind publishing new scientific findings for a
controversial disease. I am disappointed
to find that Science
Magazine apparently does not carry enough weight on its own accord to
do so, and can fall so easily to government and scientific pressures
to bury evidence of an infectious retrovirus affecting not just CFS
patients, but numerous other related neuroimmune diseases and cancer.

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