Monday, May 16, 2011

Living Within My Envelope

New featured success story on the Lapp-Campbell website:

"Living Within My Envelope"
One person's formula for reducing symptoms and bringing stability to life.

Explaining the new website, Dr. Lapp said, "What you'll find here is the
combination of the Stepwise Approach I developed many years ago with Dr. Paul
Cheney and the tools taught in Dr. Campbell's classes. This is the same
integrated approach I now use with my patients. We have found that with
encouragement, lifestyle changes, and targeted medications, more than 80% of
people we treat can improve significantly."

Bruce Campbell, Ph.D., Executive Director
CFIDS & Fibromyalgia Self-Help Program
* * *
This is the most important thing any CFS patient needs to learn -- stay within what Dr. Jason calls your Energy Envelope.  Read Ellen Goudsmit's research on Pacing.
At one point, I was so sick that even three times a day to the kitchen was too much.  When I started to keep bottled water, nutrition shakes and snacks next to the bed, and reduced my energy usage to one trip per day to the kitchen, I was finally staying within my envelope and, while not improving by leaps and bounds, at least was not going further downhill every day.
By paying attention to your body and not using more energy than your body is able to make, you'll feel better.

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