Monday, May 23, 2011

Community: a note from Annette Whittemore


Many people have asked why I authorized a posting asking supporters of the WPI to vote for the CAA in this round of the Chase Community Giving Campaign.


It is critical that we create "one community" around a shared mission to find scientific answers to neuro-immune diseases that for too long have been neglected.  As the retroviral discovery by the WPI and many others continues to bring significant focus on ME, CFS and neuro-immune disease there still exists great misunderstanding among some scientists and physicians.   Many others still do not recognize the importance of the biological underpinnings of this disease or the severe impact it has on the lives of its victims.  Therefore, we must come together to end the scientific ignorance that stands in the way of treatments and a cure.


Although I am disappointed in the CAA's lack of support of retroviral research, I hope it will change its research priorities based on continuing advances in this field.  In asking for your votes in this "Community Campaign", I was extending my hand once more with the sincere hope that the CAA will support this significant biological research.

* * *

Remember, folks, if TWO of the 25 winners have the same mission, the media will notice.  Regardless of whether you agree with CAA's politics, this is a chance to get ME/CFS in the news, and that should be important to all of us.

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