Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A year of antiretroviral therapy

"Under the best of circumstances, the drugs available to us based on in vitro studies (reverse transcriptase inhibitors and an integrase inhibitor), are an incomplete solution, as they can only control early stage replication events. Patients who have been sick for a long time most likely have a large amount of integrated virus cranking out viral product and fueling persistent immune activation. The drugs we have will not affect this, only preventing infection of new cells. Also we do not have a protease inhibitor to prevent assembly of new viral particles. The HIV protease inhibitors were ineffective against XMRV in vitro in the Singh study. XMRV protease is not the same as HIV's."
* * *
So there you have it.  Most other treatments have also worked best for those in the first 5 years of illness, and not for us old-timers. 
I hate to look at it as a life wasted, since I know my advocacy has provided some benefit, but it does look like I'm stuck with the symptoms for the rest of my life, and will "waste" the rest of my life trying to cope with the symptoms rather than being a productive, taxpaying citizen.

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