Tuesday, January 11, 2011

URGENT need case studies

What abuse have people with ME especially children and teenagers experienced at the hands of health professionals? Local authorities?
Thrown into swimming pools?
What deaths have there been?
What good experiences have helped empower you?
Also research news. I know about things like Ampligen, XMRV, Gow, Kerr, white cell research, Sophie Mirtz death. ME 25% group.
Due to M.E. I've used an electric wheelchair since 1997 and have since qualified as a psychotherapist / counsellor and lifecoach plus I am an experienced trainer. I have no doubt ME is caused by biological physical pathogens.
A former BBC journalist I did the 1998 media relations for the lobby of parliament on M.E.
Any help much appreciated even quick links etc.
Best wishes to all living with painful M.E.
Penny Bould MBACP
Based Warwick in Warwickshire

Penny Bould MBACP
Empowering Positive Change
(Please accept my apologies for any errors - I have acquired mild dyslexia)

Qualified Registered Integrative Psychotherapist / Counsellor & Lifecoach
Working with Adults, Couples, Families, Children, Adolescents & Organisations on a wide range of issues

Experienced Facilitator & Trainer
Have lectured at universities & colleges & taught trainee doctors, psychotherapists,
clinical psychologists, social workers & organisation leaders

Experienced Consultant in Disability Access & Awareness
The Winner of European Commission UK Certificate Breaking Barriers Award 2000

Experienced Internal & External Public Relations Consultant
(ex BBC News & National Newspaper broadcaster & journalist, former MIPR)

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