Saturday, January 8, 2011

Brava, Dr. Myhill!

Doctor gets her practice licence back

Saturday 8th January 2011, 11:30AM GMT.

Mid Wales doctor who was suspended from the medical register for a
year because of the potential risk she posed to patients has had the
order lifted by the General Medical Council.

The GMC this week lifted Dr Sarah Myhill's suspension and restored her
licence to practise medicine, subject to conditions.

The former NHS GP, who specialises in treating people with chronic
fatigue syndrome, today said she was "delighted" by the U-turn.

Dr Myhill, 52 and based in Llangunllo, near Knighton, was suspended by
the GMC in October last year. She was alleged to have provided
"inappropriate" treatment to a patient in 2009 after she recommended
vitamin and magnesium injections for suspected chronic fatigue

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