Friday, October 22, 2010

Your Mission, Mr. Phelps, should you decide to accept....

[email protected] writes:

I think  it's time to start lobbying the only group which will directly  
benefit from our getting treatment - the drug  companies

So I asked a friend who works for Big Pharma how to best do that.  His 
"Need to get to PhRMA and the PACs each  of the big guys have.  Writing to
the CEO and Chmn of the board is a good  and productive  thing."

So, there are your marching orders.  Anyone who can track down 
names/fax/snail mail/e-mail for those people, let the rest of us know so we're  not all
re-inventing the wheel.  We got 2000 people to send e-mail for the  Act Now
issue; surely we can get 2000 for this, too.

Mention 17M potential customers, and I'm sure Big Pharma WILL sit up and 
take notice!

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