Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Life as I "StandUP2ME": #91~ "Time for Action" Campaign - Part 2

"Over a two-week period, ME/CFS patients, their families and friends sent more than 2,000 emails to NIH Director Collins and NIAID Director Fauci."
Patients are now asked to STOP the daily e-mails because....
Bob Miller cleared up what the Logic was behind the "ACT NOW ~ then we reACT Campaign".... and WHY they asked us to STOP all of the Daily emails to everyone and to ONLY send the 2 Thank YOU Emails to Collins and Mangan.

"What made the "Time for Action" campaign a Success was not one person or one patient, it was "All the Patients" seeing the bigger picture and Acting as One. Patients now see we have the attention of NIH Director Collins and that having Dr.Mangan as a Point-Man will move research and funding forward.

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