Sunday, October 10, 2010

Donating to the Whittemore Peterson Institute | Herdisms Blog

"More impressive is that WPI has achieved what they have without any funds from our health department. They have independently raised every penny for their work. The department of health has not given them any funding."

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Why Dr. Judy can tell the truth without worrying about repercussions from CDC.
I'm self-employed with an editing business and donate a portion of my income to WPI.  Not because I have it to spare, but because it's an investment in the future.  If anyone's going to get me back to work full-time, it'll be WPI.
A few years ago, I found that I could try a Sleep Number bed for a month and return it for a full refund (every cent except the delivery fee).  It was expensive.  It was definitely well beyond my budget.  And it was worth every penny, because in the next 12 months, I worked enough additional hours over the year before to 100% pay off the bed.  That's the same way I feel about WPI -- I give whatever I can scrape together, and expect that whatever treatment they come up with will quickly have me working enough hours to pay back the investment.

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