Thursday, October 7, 2010


After years of trying to find a cleaner who actually cleans, doesn't show up with a lot of excuses about why she can't or won't do the things I need done, I found one.  I've heard a colleague raving about her for years, and we finally succeeded in convincing her that she wants to drive an hour each way to clean for me.
The disaster zone is now looking like a kitchen again.  All those things that prior cleaners were instructed to put away and didn't, have been.  The floor's been scrubbed and is now white again.  She still needs to clean the oven and do a few other small tasks when she comes next week, but I'm impressed with how much she's gotten done in a few hours.  Would've taken me months (if not years) and left me in intense pain.  Zip, zip, and she's got it done, and I know I can go relax while she's here instead of standing over her, because she comes with a reference I trust, who will get on her case if she doesn't do the work to my satisfaction.
Life has just gotten a whole lot easier.
I can now stop wasting energy undoing the damage left by people who were paid to do something very different from what they actually did, and go back to doing only those chores that I can manage easily. 

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