Monday, May 24, 2010

More on Lerner's Antiviral Research

Its rare to get good news on the treatment end but Dr. Lerner's latest
paper is full of it. The paper analyzes the progress of his patients
over the past 10 years who have undergone long-term antiviral
treatments for herpesviruses. The results were surprising; Dr. Lerner
reported that about  30% of his patients had near or full recoveries,
many others returned to normal functioning (ie they were able to work
in a sedentary job full time) and about 25% did not respond. Treatment
effectiveness was a function of illness duration (yes, it does matter,
at least somewhat, how long you been ill) and treatment duration (when
he says longterm he does mean longterm - probably at least a year for
many patients). The paper also suggested that a significant number CFS
patients also have another infection such as Lyme disease that need to
be treated for that infection as well.

It's an exciting paper - we don't know what percent of
patients these therapies apply to - and a rigorously controlled
treatment trial is needed to fully assess their effectiveness -  but
this paper is very good news for CFS patients in a treatment arena that
is often dominated by CBT/GET etc. It should spur more research and,
hopefully, federally funded treatment trials. 

Check out Learning CFS: the Lerner Longterm Antiviral Study Succeeds  -

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