Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Learning to Trust Myself"

Note: Although the disease in this April 2010 article on patient empowerment
in More Magazine is not CFS, many parallels have been drawn both
biomedically and culturally between CFS and MS once known as "Faker's
Disease" or "Hysterical Paralysis."Learning to Trust Myself
by Leslie Egnuss

*How one woman relied on her intuition to challenge several
physicians—including her own husband.*

There was, at first, the occasional numbness, but as friends were quick to
point out, everyone gets pins and needles, right? Then there were the words
I couldn't find . . . but that happens to all of us as we age. Stranger
symptoms came and went. My speech was slurry, and then not. I was depressed,
and then not. I was confused and overwhelmed, but then moments later
clearheaded and capable.

I'm 45 now, and for years I suspected I had a biological brain illness. Yet
I was told by many medical professionals, including my own husband, that
there wasn't anything wrong with me...


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