Friday, December 4, 2009

Dr. Teitlebaum's take on Yesterday's Dr. Oz show

The XMRV research has a number of important implications:

1. CFS is validated within the mainstream medical community as a real, physical and devastating illness.

The XMRV virus study clearly documents that CFS is a real and physical illness, again proving that those who abuse patients by implying that the disease is all in their mind are being cruel and unscientific nitwits. Though the economics may cause a few insurance companies to continue to unethically deny the science, so they can avoid paying for the health care and disability costs they are responsible for, this research should help speed up understanding of the illness. Meanwhile, for those with the illness, their families and their physicians, it is now clear that this is a real and devastating illness!

* * *

As Dr. T notes, the XMRV test is pretty pricey.  If you feel that you need to have something to prove to people that you're physically ill, I've had the C-Reactive Protein test, which shows "infection or inflammation" -- it won't tell *which* virus you have, but will show that there's something physically wrong.

However, I will also tell you that there are some people who are so convinced that CFS is just laziness that even a blood test will not make them change their minds.


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