Friday, November 27, 2009

Poetry Book to benefit CFS charities

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A former Eldwick resident, Lois Owen,
who died earlier this year aged 34, left
behind numerous paintings, poems and
writings. Her draft text of a book
dedicated to improving the quality of life
for those confined to their beds or
housebound due to illness or disability is
in the process of being edited.

However, a selection of her poems
has already been produced. Poems
range in mood, subject and structure
and something of Lois' creativity,
exuberance, compassion and faith, as
well as her anguish and suffering, can be
evidenced in this selection.

The booklet of poems costs £2.50 and
all proceeds will be divided between
three charities:

• M.E. Research UK which funds
biomedical investigation into the causes,
consequences and treatment of

• Action for M.E. which provides
information and support for M.E.
sufferers and campaigns for more
research, better treatments and greater
understanding of M.E.;

• 25% ME Group which is a support
group for severely affected M.E.
sufferers and of which Lois was a

Lois battled with a severe form of M.E.
for over 19 years. The initials M.E. stand
for 'myalgic encephalomyelitis' but the
illness is more accurately termed
'myalgic encephalopathy' (muscle pain
and abnormality of brain function).

Despite her disability, Lois gained a First
Class Honours degree at the University
of Derby and established the first
therapeutic arts service for
disadvantaged and vulnerable people in
Derby called Arts in Action.

Anyone wishing to obtain a copy of
the booklet of poems can do so by
ringing (01274) 770797.
(TK: That's the number for UK residents; for outside the UK, it's +44 1274
770797 e.g. in some countries, one would dial 0044 1274 770797 and from the
US, 011 44 1274 770797)

On Baildon Moor in 1994

Take me high upon a hill
Where cows stand and sway
Ignorant and silent,
Where the wind hushes and rushes
Wildly through my hair,
And I let it.

Take me high upon a hill
Where the grass grows terse and brown
And the air is young
And the landscape lies stark and lone.
There I'll find a place
Of solitude.

Take me high upon a hill
Where white ponies gallop slow,
Like a dream below,
Where the drones that come and go
Do not enter my world.
I do not care.

Take me high upon a hill,
Up Spring Lane, not far,
To rouse my senses and lull my mind,
From where I left my sorrows
Far behind.

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