Saturday, November 21, 2009

How to help fund research (many at no cost to you!)

Everyone who uses the internet can help to fund research at no cost to
themselves.  No percentage of any funds raised for research is used
foranything else.  We are but one of just a handful of charities in the
United States that can truthfully make this claim.  Here are a few ways to
help the
National CFIDS Foundation raise funds for  research:

1. Make every gift you purchase count by putting the maximum percentage
toward research:  Buy gifts from Avon!  To date, over $500 has been raised
within just weeks as the representatives for this fundraiser donate their
entire percentage to the National CFIDS Foundation for research.  Right
now, there are special offers available to make this fundraiser even

Go to:

2. Buy any gifts you purchase online via  and designate
the National CFIDS  Foundation.  A percentage of every purchase will
automatically be given to  the NCF and put, 100%, toward research. Specials
are always popping  up when you shop from that site.  And thank you to all
who have done this on a regular basis to help.

3. donates a similar percentage of each purchase when The
National CFIDS Foundation is designated as "YOUR ORGANIZATION HERE".  You
pay nothing extra but receive money saving coupons as well as free shipping
We've just been told a check is in the mail from this site and we  direct
it all toward research.

4. Adding the toolbar to your browser easily can earn money for research
with every click you make!  Go to  to add
this feature.  There's no easier way to support CFIDS/ME research  this
holiday season.

5. Order your Holiday Cards and not only send greetings to all on your list
but include where your own personal  funding has gone that will help spread
information!  Go to our website to order these (click resources,
fundraisers to see the glossy, original cards available and to place your
from the United States, Canada or overseas. You'll receive your order
within a week's time. You can see the breathtaking picture on the card,
taken by a patient, at

Thank you all in advance for helping us help you and ME!

Gail Kansky
President, National CFIDS Foundation, Inc.
103 Aletha Rd.
Needham, MA 02402-3931


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