Sunday, November 22, 2009

An Essay on ME/CFS and Psychology

ME/CFS Australia's latest blog entry is "An essay on ME/CFS and Psychology".

We discuss the role of psychology in ME/CFS and acknowledge the important
role that psychologists and psychiatrists can play in assisting some people
cope with ME/CFS. We ask for clarity concerning the role of psychology and
ask health practitioners to begin to take into consideration the iatrogenic
harm that comes from a healthcare system
which has not always dealt well
with this 'emergent' condition. Public health officials, psychologists,
psychiatrists and consumer groups can work together to provide a narrative
that brings healing to patients.

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Paul Leverenz
Chairman, ME/CFS Australia  
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Dr. Klimas has noted that many patients go to a doctor with CFS and come out with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, caused entirely by the way the doctor acted toward them.
Sophia Mirza was so turned off by the way doctors had treated her that she didn't want a doctor called even when she was dying.  Many patients have very nearly reached that point; if I could write my own prescription refills, I wouldn't ever see a doctor, either.

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