Saturday, October 24, 2009

Reeves still insists exercise helps "CFS"

(This is a new message - I'm not repeating something I've said before)

In the conclusion section
Electroencephalographic correlates of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Michael J Decker , Humyra Tabassum , Jin-Mann S Lin  and William C Reeves
(a study which used the Reeves empirical definition (2005)),

the authors say:
"Future studies using methods known to augment delta and alpha spectral
power, such as meditation [38], graded exercise [39] or administration of
gamma hydroxybutyrate [40], followed by assessment of EEG spectral power and
symptom expression are required to address this."

[39] Gambelunghe C, Mariucci G, Tantucci M, Ambrosini MV: Effects of light
physical exercise on sleep regulation in rats.
Med Sci Sports 2001, 33:57-60.

Of course with CFS, the response to exercise is abnormal so physical
exercise may not have the same effect.  And the study used the Reeves
empirical definition (2005) so we don't know if the finding would remain in
a properly-defined CFS group.

Tom Kindlon
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