Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Latest on XMRV testing

  I wanted to see who else what doing what re: testing kits for XMRV.
  1.  REDLABS U.S.A is now VIP Dx – Viral Immune Pathology Diagnostics.  I have searched their website and was unable to find any mention of test kits for XMRV.
  2.  A few people have mentioned that they somehow received testing for XMRV at the PWI yet this is the latest information from their FAQ's under XMRV on their website:

  Q: Where can I get tested for XMRV?


  A: The WPI has developed a blood test for the detection of XMRV and we are currently negotiating an agreement with a clinical laboratory to allow for limited testing. These services will be made available as soon as possible and we will provide information on this site as to how the test can be requested. We cannot offer individual testing and results from our research lab. Please check back here for updates.

  From: Tom Kindlon 

  (I have no financial interest)


  ADVANCE Outlook: Lab Professionals

  Company Releases XMRV Assay

  Published October 26, 2009 12:24 PM by Amanda Koehler

   Cooperative Diagnostics LLC, Greenwood,
  SC, recently announced the availability of a new diagnostic assay for
  Xenotropic Murine Leukemia-Related Virus (XMRV) to assist physicians in the
  diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome and other disorders potentially caused
  by the virus. Testing services will also be made available to the general
  public, according to a company press release.

  The Simplex XMRV test identifies patients infected with XMRV. XMRV has been
  recently identified in 95 percent of chronic fatigue syndrome patients, in
  addition to large numbers of patients with fibromyalgia, atypical multiple
  sclerosis and other clinical conditions.

  "This may well be the fulfillment of a promise I made a number of years ago
  to two good friends, who both became ill from chronic fatigue syndrome. I
  saw firsthand the mental anguish they endured by those closest to them,
  including the medical community, as they were told their condition could be
  psychological, " said Brent C. Satterfield, PhD, president and CEO of
  Cooperative Diagnostics LLC. "When we learned XMRV might have such a high
  association with chronic fatigue syndrome, we immediately became interested
  in developing a test. Now, my two friends and everyone else who has suffered
  from the condition can take testing for XMRV into their own hands."

  The Cooperative Diagnostics XMRV test is based on its proprietary real-time
  PCR nucleic acid detection technologies. It is capable of detecting the
  virus inside of blood cells. The test is available to the public at
  www.codiagnostics. com/XMRV/ index.php for $399.

  In order to provide quality testing in a high throughput environment,
  Cooperative Diagnostics has contracted Clinical Reference Laboratory (CRL)
  Inc. to process these assays.

  CRL's Executive Director of Molecular Diagnostics, Dr. Heather Newkirk,
  said, "This unique technology from Cooperative Diagnostics enables a
  powerful detection product which synergizes well with CRL's expertise in
  offering quality molecular services. We look forward to working with
  Cooperative Diagnostics to provide quality services."


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