Sunday, May 3, 2009

Awareness Week Posters Available Now


For those of you who just can't wait until Christmas Day to open your presents
click here to see the winning entries of the UK M.E. Awareness Week
Poster Competition, "Come to bed with ME ..." and "If you catch ME
..." designed by Joss Morton

For those of you, who would like to read all the background, from its
humble local origin to the Interantional project it has become, you
need to be registered with ME Free For and logged in.
(Details for new subscribers below)


From the front page,
scroll down to the Hot Links (The cat is a lynx,geddit?),
pawsing (!) only to donate a few pounds/dollars/euros to Antoinette
for her Belfast Marathon,
and click on "ME Awareness Poster Design Competition"
(words or leaping lynx icon will do it).
Click 'til your heart's content on all the links
and see Joss Morton's stunning eye-catching posters.

Now, are you moved to:

1. Print off a few copies and hoof them around your local area? Or, if
you are an M.E. sufferer who is housebound or not so mobile, get a
friend to do it for you? The idea is that it won't cost each person
much money or energy if we share the task. If local people are able to
run off as many copies as they think can get displayed, while they are
out and about, shopping or walking the dog, e.g. the library, doctors'
waiting room, charity shop window, some supermarkets have a local pin
board and any local traders or residents who'll have them in their
windows. If you give them a couple of each design (in case of any wear
or damage), they may put more than one up. Don't worry too much about
ace top quality. I banged out a few with a colour cartridge but just
on ordinary 80gm white paper on an ancient printer and they do the job
fine. Go on, you shouldn't be indoors on this fine Bank Holday
weekend. See how you get on. Any problems, questions, or comments, let
us know at [email protected] with MEFFA Local reps in the subject

2. Design a "W.H.O. M.E.?" poster, or any other "theme"?  (Joss can
still enter this one and go for a Grand Slam).
Go on, you shouldn't be mooching around the house, complaining of
nothing to do, on a day like this.

Bless you for being willing to help

OK, for the rest of you, just go and laugh your head off at our joke of the day



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Dr John H Greensmith
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