Sunday, March 24, 2019

"M.E. Patients and the Researchers that Silence Them"

"M.E. Patients and the Researchers that Silence Them" (March 19)


Quite simply, what I, and patients like me want, is a commitment to
biomedical research funding, an awareness among doctors that Graded
Exercise Therapy, in particular, harms our chances of recovery, and
for the stranglehold of psychiatric funding to end. We are not
rabble-rousers, and nor are we anti-science; in fact, we are patently
far more committed to scientific enquiry than the psychiatrists
currently rubbishing us in the press. But we are also unwell, unheard,
and unable to move forward with our lives until these attitudes

As Merryn Crofts mother says:

"More knowledge, education and awareness is desperately needed to stop
the stigma, increase research, and stop the continued suffering of
thousands of people with ME.

"My daughter did not die of 'fatigue'. She died due to multi-systemic
neurological M.E. and change needs to happen — now."

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