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Cardiac abnormalities in ME/CFS not due to deconditioning

MEA Summary Review: Cardiac abnormalities in ME/CFS not due to deconditioning


MEA Summary Review: Cardiac abnormalities in ME/CFS not due to
deconditioning | 26 November 2018

Charlotte Stephens, Research Correspondent, ME Association.


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Linda van Campen and Frans Visser from the Netherlands have just
published a study
that examined stroke volume and cardiac output in ME/CFS. It confirmed
earlier findings from a smaller study that changes occurred in these
two key cardiac measures despite normal tilt-table results (Timmers et
al., 2002).

Both studies found reduced cardiac output and stroke volumes during a
tilt table test in ME/CFS patients compared to healthy controls.
However, these patients had normal tilt table results, meaning their
heart rate and blood pressure did not change significantly enough to
be diagnosed with orthostatic intolerance.

The authors of the earlier study suggested that these findings were
due to deconditioning, but in this new, larger study, Van Campen and
Visser showed they were not as they found no difference in results
between different disease severities.

If it were a case of deconditioning, the cardiac measurements would be
worse in the more severely affected compared to the mild, as they have
poorer physical functioning.

What made this study better than the previous one?

Much larger patient cohort. The previous study tested 26 ME/CFS
patients, whereas this current study involved 150 ME/CFS patients.
Improved method of measuring cardiac parameters. The reliability of
the previous study's method (pulse contour analysis) is questionable,
whereas the current study used a validated technique (suprasternal
aortic Doppler echography) (van Geldorp et al., 2011).
The latest study compared results across illness severities. This
revealed that the cardiac abnormalities could not be due to

What were the two key measures found to be different?

Cardiac output = The volume of blood pumped by the heart per minute.

Stroke Volume = The volume of blood pumped by the left ventricle of
the heart per heartbeat.

Both of these measures usually decrease upon standing. However, they
were found to decrease more in the patients with ME/CFS, compared to
the healthy controls.



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I once led a doctor by the hand through no, you would not become that deconditioned that quickly; it would take months to become so deconditioned that you can't walk two blocks.  

And half a minute later, he was back to insisting that I was "just deconditioned" and needed to exercise my way back to health.

So I walked him through it again, that in a matter of days I went from being able to walk 5 miles a day to barely making it from the bus stop to my desk, and then having to rest for an hour before I could do any work.  Again, he agreed that it would take months to get that out of shape, and again he promptly reverted to telling me that there was nothing physically wrong other than I'd let myself become deconditioned and would be back to normal in a jiffy if I just pushed myself to exercise a little more each day.

Another Warrior Gone

In Memoriam Jan van Roijen 
June 11, 1937 - December 5, 2018

Today the utterly sad news of the death of Dutch ME-patient Jan van Roijen reached us. He died Wednesday night in a nursing home where he spent the last few months of his life of 81 years.

Jan was known throughout the ME-world for his detailed knowledge of ME in all its aspects, which he shared with the global community through his bulletin Help ME Circle, for his generosity and kindness and for his humour, even in spite of his being so severely ill. Until very short before his death he lived in his apartment at the second storey of a monumental building in the very centre of Amsterdam.

Jan was a top-actor who performed with wellknown actors like Willeke van Ammelroy and other famous Dutch actors on stage when he fell seriously ill. One by one he lost all his friends and was visited by only a handful of friends during the last years of his life.

Rest in peace, dear friend…