Sunday, August 26, 2018

Current SSA info on CFS

In this SSR, we explain that CFS, when accompanied by appropriate medical signs or laboratory findings, is an MDI that can be the basis for a finding of "disability." We also explain how we evaluate CFS claims.

At this time, we cannot identify specific laboratory findings that are widely accepted as being associated with CFS. However, the absence of a definitive test does not preclude our reliance upon certain laboratory findings to establish the existence of an MDI in people with CFS. 

Some people with CFS report ongoing problems with short-term memory, information processing, visual-spatial difficulties, comprehension, concentration, speech, word-finding, calculation, and other symptoms suggesting persistent neurocognitive impairment. When ongoing deficits in these areas have been documented by mental status examination or psychological testing, such findings may constitute medical signs or (in the case of psychological testing) laboratory findings that establish the presence of an MDI.

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