Tuesday, July 18, 2017

National Disability Voter Registration Week: July 17-21

No matter whether you have private insurance, Medicare or Medicaid, they're talking about changes that will affect your healthcare.  Make sure you're registered now, and make sure you vote next November.

Graphic of Register! Educate! Vote! Use Your Power! Rev Up for California! Make the Disability Vote Count.

Support National Disability
Voter Registration Week

July 17-21, 2017

In collaboration with the American Association of People with Disabilities' Rev Up campaign, the Disability Organizing Network supports National Disability Voter Registration Week. Building the disability vote is essential. Together we can make a difference by continue to organize and educate people with disabilities about the importance of voting.
There are a variety of ways to participate in National Disability Voter Registration Week.
Are you registered to vote? Did you know that California Residences can register to vote online? Visit the California Secretary of State website to register and share the link with your friends, colleagues and network:
Use your social media accounts to post and show your support by sharing a Rev Up graphics:
Sign onto the Rev Up Support Statement and ask others to do the same:
Contact your local Independent Living Center Community Organizer to ask how you can get involved in the Systems Change work happening in your community: