Friday, May 12, 2017

"Happy" ME/CFS Awareness Day

Once again, it's May 12, time to bang our heads against the wall trying to convince the world that CFS is not just depression or laziness.
Once again, it's May 12, time to cross off another year of living without a cure -- if you can call what we do "living" ... it's merely existing, taking up space, using oxygen, wishing that we could do something productive.
But this year there's some hope -- you can donate here Registration to fund mitochondrial research into CFS.  Mitochondrial dysfunction is why we're constantly tired.  They're finally looking into something useful instead of wasting research money on psychiatric explanations that do nothing to help us.
This is my 30th year of being sick.  I'd like to see 30 people donate in honor of my wasted life.  We are (of course) Team CFS.

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Melee Barkis said...

I've been sick with this stigmatizing disease since childhood - 55 years. One thing I can say with certainty, is that I am not "tired," nor have I ever been. I've never been "tired" or suffered from "fatigue." I'm completely incapacitated - bed-ridden, and useless to society, and to myself - but I'm not "tired." In fact, I would give anything to BE tired - sleep is something that eludes me. I am not tired, but I am weary.