Monday, March 14, 2016

May 18 protest in Washington DC

Announcement: May 18th Protest in Washington DC!

March 14, 2016

#MEAction is excited to announce its first protest in Washington DC!

Please join us May 18th for a protest outside of the Health and Human
Services building in Washington DC. Our goal is to raise the
visibility of this illness and the people living with it during the
May Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Advisory Committee meeting.

Because of the nature of our condition, we can expect to see many
patients in their wheelchairs, stretchers, or laying down. All
patients are welcomed and we encourage you bring your
family/friends/caregivers for support. In fact, we would like to
emphasize that even if patients can't attend, their support system is

When: May 18th 2016 at 12pm (Same day as the CFSAC Meeting at HHS)
Where: Health and Human Services Headquarters in Washington, DC
Why: Urgent Need to Increase ME/CFS Funding

The protest is being organized by #MEAction member Stacy Hodges. Stacy
is looking to put a team together to plan and execute the flagship
protest in DC, as well as satellite protests at HHS offices around the
country. If interested in helping, email

Learn more/RSVP

If you are unable to volunteer or attend, you can also support the
protest by donating:

Donations will be used to help cover:

  - A meeting room where participants can meet the day before to
discuss strategy and the timeline of events.
  - Shuttle transportation for participants.  This is necessary
because of the number of patients that can not drive, are in
wheelchairs or that may need to leave the protest early and return to
  - Signs/Literature/Printing Services
  - Equipment Rental (please see:
  - We are considering using donations to reimburse a fraction of the
hotel costs for those that attend to make this event more affordable
for unemployed/disabled patients.

This is an open source initiative and we are interested in your
suggestions for improving this protest!
Do you have questions or are you interested in volunteering? Please
email us at:

What to spread the word about this protest? Save these tiles to your
computer and post them to social media:


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