Saturday, April 30, 2016


Humans of ME/CFS: Share Your Story

The Solve ME/CFS Initiative has launched a campaign to help increase
awareness of —and ultimately research funding for—Myalgic
Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The campaign, "Humans of
ME/CFS" is a takeoff of the popular "Humans of New York" photoblog and
Facebook page.

The aim of the campaign is to show the faces and stories of those
suffering from ME/CFS so that those who are in charge of allocating
research funds cannot deny the widespread devastation this disease has
inflicted on so many for so long.

We have created a simple form for you to share the impact this disease
has had on your life. You can find it here. A few things to keep in
mind about the form:

1. Your story must be told in 500 words or less. We know this will be
challenging since many stories have been decades in the making and
there is much to tell, but to have the impact we desire, they need to
be brief.

2. Your story should share your personal experiences and not read like
a medical chart. How would you describe your journey with ME/CFS to an
old friend you have not seen in many years and have only a few minutes
with? What is your life like with the disease? How has it affected
those around you?

3. You must upload a photo. We understand that this may be challenging
for some in our community, but it's essential to put a face with each
story. If you need help, perhaps a family member, neighbor or friend
could lend assistance.

4. While we ask for first and last names on the form, we will only use
first names and the first letter of your last name on this site.

Please contact us with any questions at

We can't wait to read your stories!

Submit your story

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"Over the past 9 years, after opening my private foundation, I got the White House to open an investigation, Senator John Kerry to forward my case to the head of the CDC, and the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator to forward my case to the NIH/NIAID.

Amongst other things, my blood has been to the CDC-Atlanta (twice) and to the Washington-DC pathology labs. I have sat on conference call with the American Red Cross. Facilitated by the United Nations, I have been out of the USA (twice now) to meet with a Nobelist and his colleagues to provide blood samples."

I’m well-versed in WMDs, germ warfare, democide, and eugenics. I also admin a Gulf War group (see: biowar), and published 35 times on 4 continents.