Thursday, March 3, 2016

"I got sick; I did not get stupid"

I think we all need T-shirts that say "I got sick; I did not get stupid" to wear when dealing with new doctors.
I am self-aware.  If the problem really were depression, I would know that I lack motivation to start, not stamina to complete.  If the problem really were my marital status, then I would not have had the same symptoms 6 months before getting married, while married, and years after getting divorced.  A divorce which, incidentally, was my idea and I was thrilled to finally rid myself of the albatross, so no, I wasn't "depressed that he left me".   
Think about it -- if a patient has enough backbone to argue with a doctor, the problem cannot possibly be "self-esteem"... someone with no self-esteem would never think they know more than an educated doctor and would believe whatever the doctor says.
I know plenty of CFS patients who were successful professionals, well-educated, and therefore should not be dismissed by doctors as being too stupid to understand what's going on.  Some of us know more about the mechanics of this disease than our doctors do.

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Erifsievol said...

If only I had time to make a shirt in time for my 8am appointment tomorrow.