Sunday, December 13, 2015

“Vexatious”: King’s College London dismisses James Coyne’s request


neuroscientist Professor Chris Chambers of Cardiff University, who tweeted, "If @KingsCollegeLon is seeking to do itself 'reputational damage', hiding trial data shd do the job", and leading University of Virginia research psychologist Brian Nosek, whotweeted, "King's College data sharing refusal and rationale are antithetical to science". Dr Nosek is the Executive Director of the Center for Open Science.

It is possible to leave comments on the PLOS ONE site in relation to the PACE paper. Professor Coyne has posted a comment about the study authors' refusal to share their data and in response, one patient wrote, "Patients are relying on PLOS One to be the first scientific institution to stand up for good scientific practice in the context of the PACE trial… Patients don't risk their health in clinical trials so that study authors can misrepresent the results and prevent independent researchers from investigating them."