Saturday, April 11, 2015

Disability Capitol Action Day

This year's Disability Capitol Action Day agenda will include discussions on the 25th anniversary of the ADA.  Join us on May 20 at the California State Capitol. Even if you can't be there, consider making a donation, and Like the Facebook page.

FREE ADMISSION (though donations are always welcome)

Join us for a fun day with informational booths, entertainment, speakers, and the opportunity to go into the Capitol to speak to elected officials to tell them about your concerns, and to urge them to keep ADA in force (some politicians would like to repeal it).

There will be plenty of informational booths, speakers, entertainment, and you'll have the opportunity to go into the Capitol to visit your elected officials to speak to them about disabling medical conditions as well as the need to continue the ADA.  (Some politicians think it should be repealed.)

FREE ADMISSION (though donations are always welcome)

Thursday, April 9, 2015

GOP’s Plan to Send Millions of Disabled Americans into Poverty


this is an insurance program that workers have paid into with their FICA deductions. Nobody gets rich on disability. The average benefit is less than $1,200 a month, and for 30 percent of beneficiaries that is their entire income. The GOP's ploy, an accounting rule change already adopted by House Republicans, would set up the disability system for a 19 percent reduction in benefit payments, casting millions into official poverty status.

The legendary fraud that Republicans claim to bemoan is itself a giant lie. The Government Accounting Office and the Social Security's own inspector general have both found that fraud in this program is less than 1 percent. Compare that to fraud committed by Pentagon contractors, by too-big-to-fail bankers, by auto companies concealing deadly flaws in cars, by elected politicians or by newspaper reporters.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

ME/CFS/SEID: It goes by many aliases, but its blood-chemistry signature


 a burst of insight into SEID's physiological substrate came only months ago when Stanford neuroradiologist Mike Zeineh, MD, PhD, working with patients from Montoya's registry, found that they shared a pattern of white-matter loss in specific parts of the brain. The discovery drew a great deal of attention in the press as well as the CFS community. (See our news release about that study for details.)

Now a high-profile, multi-institution team including Montoya has published a study inScience Advances showing yet another physiological basis for a diagnosis of SEID: a characteristic pattern, or "signature," consisting of elevated levels of various circulating immune-signaling substances in the blood.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Solve ME/CFS Initiative Hosts IOM Briefing in D.C. | Solve ME/CFS I

"In actual dollars, the spending on ME/CFS is less than what our government spends on hay fever," Head said. She also showed that, given the prevalence of ME/CFS, the NIH funding is a mere $5 per patient, compared with, say, $255 per multiple sclerosis patient and $2,482 per HIV/AIDS patient.