Thursday, November 12, 2015

Right to Try: How Govt Prevents Americans from Getting Lifesaving Treatments

Darcy Olsen is President of the Goldwater Institute, a research and legal center, which is currently behind the Right to Try initiative, to give terminally-ill patients access to medications before the FDA approves them.
I saw her on TV this morning.  She asked pointedly why drugs which are available in Europe are not FDA-approved for use in the US.  Apparently Right to Try would allow Americans to use anything that's approved elsewhere.
Ampligen has been used in both Belgium and Canada, but in the US, FDA just keeps asking for more testing.
Could that possibly be because Dr. Reeves and Dr. Straus so vehemently insisted that CFS is all in our heads, and it wouldn't be politic for FDA to approve an anti-viral drug for something CDC says is purely psychiatric?
Unfortunately, the magic words in the proposed legislation are "terminally ill" and I don't think anyone classifies ME/CFS as "terminally ill".

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