Saturday, November 7, 2015

Polio: Global vaccine campaign may eradicate the virus by 2018.

If they can do it for poliomyelitis, why not for myalgic encephalomyelitis?  The ability is there, just the specific research is missing.
In polio epidemics, they found that those who had ME/CFS were immune to polio, therefore, they have to be related viruses.  Dr. Bruno tells me the polio vaccine prevents the three worst forms of the virus, leaving lesser mutations unguarded against.  Including the relative that causes ME/CFS.

Because of the aggressive campaign, it's expected that the last cases of polio seen in the wild will happen sometime in the next two to three years. The World Health Organization is so confident about this that it actually has what's called the Polio Eradication and Endgame Strategic Plan, a strategy on how to make the world polio-free by 2018.

That's extraordinary. This has only happened once before in history, when smallpox was eliminated in 1977. Smallpox killed hundreds of millions of people, and now it's gone, wiped clean off the face of the planet.

Why? Again: vaccines.

This is why I consider vaccines to be one of the very best medical health innovations in human history, if not the best.

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