Monday, November 16, 2015

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in Oprah magazine

"After a battery of diagnostic tests for viruses and bacteria, [Montoya] continued Cavanagh Kramer on one of the antivirals she'd been prescribed, but made a few important changes: He added anti-inflammatory and immune-modulating drugs, as well as an antibiotic for the bacteria he found in her blood. ... Historically, many doctors considered CFS a psychosomatic disorder that required psychological—not medical—intervention. But recent research by Montoya and others has compelled the medical community to take the condition much more seriously. ... Montoya and his colleagues, however, were able to pinpoint immune abnormalities in the blood of CFS patients who had recently become ill, suggesting possible biomarkers for the disease. ... A picture of patients with highly inflamed bodies emerged before our eyes and validated what they've been telling us for decades."

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