Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Anosognosia - Neurological Inability to Recognize Illness

"anosognosia is the lack of awareness of the deficits, signs and symptoms of an illness. It is not merely a denial; it is an actual neurological deficit"
"anosognosia is one of the more troubling symptoms of severe mental illness as it prevents a person from getting the help they need. The "easy" way to handle this is to rely on a "doctor knows best" approach and simply medicate without consent."
"you can't talk someone out of a delusion. That's the definition of delusion. It is a belief in the face of contrary evidence."
* * *
A lot of people (doctors and psychobabblers included) think this is our problem -- that we don't want to admit that we have a mental illness and are clinging to the delusion that we are physically ill, and therefore need to be medicated without consent for whatever erroneous amateur psych diagnosis that particular doctor likes best (I've been tagged with anxiety and depression, while psych experts have never found signs of either).  Doctors dismissed those psych reports and wanted me to go see another shrink, one who might agree with them.
But the reality is, it's those psychobabblers who have the problem.  "You can't talk someone out of a delusion. That's the definition of delusion. It is a belief in the face of contrary evidence."  Shown evidence of physical illness (abnormal temperature, swollen glands, abnormal test results), they will continue to insist that there is nothing physically wrong with you.  At one appointment, my temperature was 95 -- hypothermia -- which did not disturb the doctor as much as it should have, because he refused to accept any contrary evidence.  When confronted, he shrugged, "you were outside".  Yes, I was outside for a few minutes in the sun on a 60-degree day, but that wouldn't push my temperature down to 95.  He wanted to see a depressed divorcee too lazy to work, and was willing to dismiss any symptoms or evidence that there was more to it than that.  He was delusional, and in order to continue his delusion, he had to convince me that I was delusional in thinking that I was physically ill.   He couldn't do any tests that might prove I was right and he was wrong, so he simply refused to order those tests.

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