Monday, October 5, 2015

Slightly Alive: Welcome to ICD-10-CM

All you really need to know is that ME remains in the chapter on neurology at the classification G93.3, along with postviral fatigue syndrome (which is a British name that has not been used much, if at all, in the United States).  CFS "remains" (from CDC's perspective) in a different chapter for vaguely defined symptoms at R53.82.  However, the rest of the world (which has been using ICD-10 for 1-2 decades now) has CFS coded to G93.3 with M.E.  So what appears not to be a change actually IS a change, and a significant one.  How did we end up to be the only nation in the world who codes "CFS" under "General symptoms and signs: Malaise and fatigue"?
 ...Since CFS was not in ICD-9, as long as the US continued to use it, they were free to place CFS wherever they wanted.

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