Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Invisible Illness Awareness Week, Fact #22

Fact #22
Most medical residents leave med school believing that 80% patients R addicts seeking drugs
Unfortunately, what the professor believes, the students will believe, and those students who become professors will then teach their students to believe.
I was in a Catch 22 -- the doctors had already tagged me as "depressed divorcee", so if I had followed a male friend's recommendation to "just cry" in order to prove that I was in pain, the doctors would have taken the tears as proof of depression, not pain, and still would not have given me pain pills.  Unfortunately, when you are passing out from the pain, you cannot safely get to the doctor's office to prove that you are in that much pain, and if you go to his office on a day when you are NOT passing out from the pain, he tells you to stop exaggerating because you're not passing out in front of him, therefore you never do it.
All their claims that I was exaggerating could have been disproved by checking me into the hospital for observation and having the nurses document it.  Which was precisely why they didn't want to put me in the hospital -- it would have proved I was telling the truth and they would have had to take me seriously instead of brushing it off as no need to do tests or x-rays "because there's nothing to find."

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