Monday, May 18, 2015

Why Disability Capitol Action Day?

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Legislators are used to seeing disabled people in ones and twos and threes, each on their own awareness day, talking about their own disease.  Therefore, since they never see a lot of people at once, they don't realize how big a voting bloc the disabled community is, and don't think they need to care about our issues because "it only affects a few people".
Come to #DCAD2015 -- Wednesday, May 20, 2015 -- so that the legislators see thousands of disabled people, along with their families, friends, and caregivers, and understand how many of us these issues really affect.  We'll be on the front lawn of the California State Capitol, where they will be sure to notice that there are oodles of people who care about disability issues, whether that's curb cuts or IHSS/SSDI/SSI payments or expanded Medicaid.
This year, we're celebrating 25 years of ADA.  Help us make a lot of noise to dissuade those who think it's time to get rid of it.  Yes, there are legislators who think all the problems have been solved and there's no longer a need for ADA.
Admission is free, and there are plenty of resource booths where you can pick up information, free pens, free pads, free fridge magnets, maybe even a free tote bag.  If you register early next year, you'll get a free box lunch; all of the available ones for this year have been spoken for, but there are plenty of places nearby to buy lunch (I recommend the cafe in the Secretary of State building 2 blocks away at 11th & O -- your taxes subsidize inexpensive food for state workers, so why not take advantage of it yourself? You will need photo ID to get into the building.)  Alternately, between 10 and 1, there's a farmers market 3 blocks away at 10th & J, where you can buy fresh fruit and veggies to snack on.
If you'd like, you can go into the Capitol to meet with legislators to share your concerns with them.  Or just come for the party and the entertainment.

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