Sunday, March 15, 2015

ME and the Soap Opera Actress

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15 March 2015
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Her Twitter handle is @morgfair

By Michael Evison

I don't know if everyone knows that the main
protagonists in the IOM report were the old
CAA & Pandora.

CAA are now called Solve ME/CFS.

They are now going all out to convert the ME
community to SEID.

They have just recruited a woman called
Morgan Fairchild, who I have never heard of,
but she is some sort of soap opera actress.

Apparently she has Fibro.

It's rumoured that SEID may include Fibro.

This actress is as flakey as all the other
celebrities that claim they had ME.

But it appears that the CAA have recruited
her to attend a meeting on Capitol Hill to
speak up for SEID.

The problem is that SEID has shown
absolutely NO recognition of Severe ME and
this actress is unlikely to even know about
the suffering of PW Severe ME.

(CAA were the charity who used a post about
going on holiday with ME on Severe ME week)

There is A growing movement by PWME to
bombard Morgan Fairchilds Twitter campaign
with pictures of suffering Severe ME patients
so that she can't say that she doesn't know
about it.

I'm wondering if you can support this
campaign in favour of recognition for Severe
ME patients before it is accepted by the HHS
and encourage PWME to at least tweet their
pictures and comments to the actress.

There are concerns of what a flakey Fibro
actress will actually saw to Govt especially
when being fed propaganda by the CAA.


PEM, NOT Chronic Fatigue, is why patients
 are bedridden, homebound, unemployed,
        and unable to walk a block.

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