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Crowdfund of biomarkers research only $6000 from goal

Let's all come up with a dollar or two and get this research started!

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(Read the entire project here:

http://bit.ly/1EmUZmf  i.e.

In 2013 IrsiCaixa (1), an internationally recognized AIDS research
institute, published a study in which they found alterations in
subsets of both T and NK cells in ME/CFS patients (2). Specifically,
they identified eight molecules associated with poor immune-system
function, that could be used for diagnosis (3, 4).

They expanded this preliminary study with a project called 'Comparison
of biomarkers in ME/CFS', for which a crowdfund of 29,000 € ($31,000)
was launched and achieved last year (5).

The preliminary results obtained from this second comparative study
(of 193 participants and 20 healthy controls) showed specific
immunological abnormalities in ME/CFS patients, and identified two
subgroups of patients, according to different combinations of NKCD57
and NK NKP46 cells. These subsets could be explained by reactivation
of herpes viruses, according to the authors (6, p.4). They also found
other interesting abnormalities worth studying further (3).

NEXT STEP: To get this published! HOW? The research team wants to (a)
double-blind the study, (b) increase the sample size (one healthy
control per two patients), (c) use the more accurate Canadian
Consensus Criteria for diagnosis and (d) add new markers to be
measured in the study, such as the percentage of perforin in NK and
CD8 T cells, and a much more in-depth study of the B-lymphocyte
family, among other things.

HOW MUCH DO THEY NEED? Just 12,000 € ($13,000 or £8,700) for
immunological analysis, and only 6,000 € ($6,500 or £4,300) remains to
be raised.

WHO HAS MADE THIS PROJECT POSSIBLE? The patients, who else! It was
both the study patients (who paid for their own tests to make possible
the project 'Comparison of biomarkers in ME/CFS'), and ASSSEM (a
national Spanish non-profit NGO, composed mainly of health
professionals and dedicated to ME/CFS, FM and MCS). ASSSEM promoted
the previous project and is promoting this one — they are the ones who
got IrsiCaixa interested in us and involved in this promising project
in the first place!

Share this crowdfund on your social network, post it on other online
ME/CFS platforms, post about it on your blog, etc.!

As of 17 March, 1€ = $1.06 = £0.72. So, for example, $5 = €4.60; $10 =
€9.20; $50 = €46.10; $100 = €92.20.

To give via PayPal or credit card, go to the ASSEM website:

and click the yellow 'Donar' button on the right, which appears about
half way down the page.

To give via wire transfer:

IBAN: ES0901828732100201553888
Bank: BBVA;
Beneficiary: ASSSEM,
Concept: "Objetivo 12.000"

The campaign deadline is 27 March, 2015

More information onhttp://www.asssem.org/

PERSONAL MESSAGE: As some of you know, I am a Spanish ME/CFS patient,
the administrator and owner of Spain's national ME/CFS research forum
(7), and am also a third-year medical student. I have no relationship
with ASSSEM or IrsiCaixa, other than as an individual supporter as a
patient. I do believe WE ALL, the ME/CFS community, deserve that the
data this team has found sees the light. We got the attention of
IrsiCaixa — the most internationally known and recognized research
team on AIDS — and they performed a preliminary study that yielded
very useful results that could provide biomarkers. Their findings
might also open the field to further exploration of the immune
aberrations in ME/CFS, and perhaps lead to new therapies.

If these preliminary results are confirmed in the new study, we will
have a published large-scale, double-blind, cross-sectional study,
most likely in an important international journal.

And we are only $6,000 away at this moment from making this real! So...

HELP in anyway you can!

Best wishes to you all!

(1) IrsiCaixa publication list and website in

(2) IrsiCaixa's 2013 ME/CFS study: 'Screening NK-, B- and T-cell
phenotype and function in patients suffering from Chronic Fatigue

(3) IrsiCaixa News: '8 molecules are identified that could improve the
diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome'
http://bit.ly/1bdzv4b  i.e.

(4) Phoenix Rising article, April 2013: 'Spanish HIV Experts Give Aid
to ME/CFS' http://phoenixrising.me/archives/16499

(5) Discussion thread of 2014 crowdfund for 'Comparison of biomarkers in ME/CFS'
http://bit.ly/1AASCuG  i.e.

(6) Details of study in English:
http://bit.ly/1EmUZmf  i.e.

(7) ME/CFS Investigation research forumhttp://www.sfc-em-investigacion.com/

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