Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The IOM: Death by Acronym and Epic Media Fail | valerieeliotsmith


 But this is not the real story; the real story is the scandal of an entire patient population which has been marginalised, stigmatised and wilfully neglected for generations. The fact that the IOM, along with other agencies (the NIH's P2P is next up), has recently been charged with addressing that appalling deficit is an insidious distraction from that deeply unpalatable core issue.

During the presentation, chair of the IOM's committee, Dr Ellen Wright Clayton, said that the report gives advocates and patients a "tool" with which to "act up". No, Dr Clayton, we are the ones who are ill and we've been doing this for far too long. The way we have been – and continue to be – treated by government agencies in all countries is a scandal. Until that is publicly and universally acknowledged, we cannot move forward, however noble your stated intentions. The time for a complete top-down culture shift is way overdue. 

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