Thursday, January 22, 2015

Unfalsifiable Beliefs « Science-Based Medicine


Today if you state an incorrect fact, it is highly likely that someone will provide one or more links to references that refute the incorrect fact, or even shove a smartphone in your face with the correct information. This encourages the development of skills that can be used to dismiss facts and the legitimacy of a specific science or science in general. Conspiracy theories, witch hunts, and sophisticated nonsense is therefore also on the rise to counter the threat that the ready availability of facts presents to belief systems. The ironic result is that access to facts may have a polarizing effect, rather than resolving differences.

One possible solution is to teach critical thinking skills to help more individuals transcend this evolved tendency to dig in one's ideological heels. This is a long and difficult process, of course, but we will continue to push that boulder up the hill.


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