Thursday, January 29, 2015

Looking Back: The Biggest, Best, Least and Most in ME/CFS/FM in 2014

Cort saves me the time of doing my own list:
Biggest Media Splash – Zeineh's brain MRI findings prompt the media to report that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is Real – Stanford Brain Study Sparks Media Reports – "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is Real" ... Zeineh's finding problems in one very small part of the brain in almost all the ME/CFS patients in his study and none of the healthy controls sparks media reports that ME/CFS is real, and suggests this Stanford researcher may have found a brain biomarker

Best Reminder That Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is Different… Very DifferentThe Lights' exercise study showing that multiple sclerosis patients are VERY fatigued but tolerate exercise pretty well, while ME/CFS patients are a bit less fatigued but fall apart when they exercise – demonstrates there's more to fatigue than "fatigue". 
Dane Cook's brain imaging study shows that not only can you visibly see ME/CFS patients brains get worse after rigorous exercise but that they fall apart on post-exercise cognitive tests as well
Second Most Inflammatory Result – Gene expression study at Stanford (unpublished) indicates that the gene activity in chronic fatigue syndrome suggests it's most like "systemic inflammatory syndrome" and other inflammatory disorders.

74% suspected their diagnosis had led them to receive substandard care. Should You Tell Your Doctor You Have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia?
Read Cort's whole list:
Looking Back: The Biggest, Best, Least and Most in ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia in 2014

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